SpaceLib is a library for 3D Kinematics and Dynamics of system of rigid bodies. It is currently used in Robotics and Biomechanics. The library is based on an extension of the 4x4 transformation matrix approach by Denavith and Hartenberg . The present extension adds 4x4 matrices for the velocity and accelerations (angular and linear) plus 4x4 matrices for forces (and torques), momentum (angular and linear) and inertia. 
Three versions of the library are available for numeric applications (C-language, Matlab) and one for symbolic calculation in Maple (requires version 9.5).
SpaceLib is free available for NON profit purposes. Free use includes scientific and educational activities. The use of SpaceLib should be mentioned in papers reporting work developed with the help of this library. For commercial activities, please contact the author.


Click here if you want to download the library